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The Hideaway Retford
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Loaded Fries
Chorizo and Bacon£6.50Skinny Fries, topped with Chorizo, Jalapenos, Bacon and Spiced mayo
Pizza Fries£6.50Skinny and Sweet Potato fries, topped with Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella, Pepperoni and crispy onions
Chilli Cheese Fries£6.50Skinny and Sweet Potato fries with Beef Chilli, Mozzarella, Jalapenos and Hot Chilli Sauce
Pulled Pork Fries£6.50Tender Pulled Pork with Bacon, Mozzarella Cheese, on Skinny Fries
Side Orders
Skinny Paprika fries£2.50
Sweet Potato fries£3.00
potato wedges£2.50
Onion rings (10)£3.50
Halloumi Fries£4.50
Tortilla chips & Salsa£3.75
Mac and Cheese bites£3.75
Jalapeno cheese bites£3.75
Mozzarella sticks£3.20
Chicken Hot Wings£3.70
Southern fried poppin chicken£4.25
All our burgers come with salad and mayonnaise unless you ask otherwise!
Monster Burger£5.40MoreTriple beef burger with a slices of bacon and cheese
Cheese Burger£3.00MoreLettuce, onions, mayonnaise and slices of cheese
Americano Burger£3.30MoreLettuce, onions, mayonnaise, slices of cheese and onion rings
Hawaiian Burger£3.20MoreLettuce, onions, mayonnaise and pineapple ring
Sizzler Burger£3.30MoreLettuce, onions, mayonnaise, fried onion, fried mushroom and jalapenos
Bacon Cheese Burger£3.40MoreLettuce, onions, mayonnaise, slice of cheese and slice of bacon
Chicken Burger£3.30MoreTender battered chicken fillet, lettuce and mayonnaise
BBQ Chicken Melt Burger£3.90MoreTender battered chicken fillet, lettuce, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce and slices of cheese
Classic Chicken Burger meal£6.50Fried Chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and mayo on a toasted bun, served with Paprika seasoned chips
Classic Beef Burger Meal£6.50Classic 8oz Beef Burger, Lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo on a toasted bun served with paprika seasoned chips
Pepsi Max 1.5ltr£2.50
Bottled alcohol
Budweiser 330ml£3.00
Corona 330ml£3.00
Birra Moretti 330ml£3.00
San Miguel 330ml£3.00
Black Sheep Ale 500ml£3.50
Doombar Ale 500ml£3.50
Bulmers Berries & Lime 500ml£3.50
Bulmers Original 500ml£3.00
Old Mout Berries & Cherries 500ml£3.50
Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime 330ml can£2.50
Loaded Nachos (V)£5.95Tortilla Chips, finished with Skinny Fries, Sour Cream, Guacamole, Salsa, Jalapenos and our own Queso Sauce
Classic Pizzas
Classic Margherita 14"£10.00You really can't mess with a classic, Tomato Sauce with Mozzarella
Classic Hawaiian 14"£12.00Ham and Pinapple Pizza with a Tomato Sauce base and Mozzarella
Classic Pepperoni 14"£12.00Pepperoni Slices with Mozzarella on our own Tomato Herb Sauce Base
The Vegetarian 14"£12.00Mushroom, Sweetcorn, Onions, Bell Peppers, fresh Toamtoes with Mozzarella served on our own Tomato and Herb Sauce
Classic Meat Feast 14"£12.00Italian Pepperoni, Salami, Ham, Spicy Beef, Garlic Sausage and Mozzarella Cheese on our Tomato and Herb Sauce
Chicken Ranch 14"£12.00Chicken, Bacon, Mushrooms, Red Onions, Mozzarella and Crispy Onions with a Ranch Sauce Base
Half and Half Pizza 14"£12.50Select "Add special Request" and type two Pizzas you would like (half and half from the menu)